Lifetime Warranty
The posts, support beams and perforated beams that are supplied by Solara are warranted for life.

10 Years Limited Warranty
The louvres are warranted for 10 years from the date of completed installation against defects that affect their operation. Please note: this warranty may be voided if you fail to keep your louvre system clean from dirt and debris like leaves, branches and rocks.

15 Years Limited Warranty
The manual opening system, pins, brackets, flashing, shafts, springs and fibreglass components are warranted for 15 years from the date of completed installation. Please note: this warranty may be voided if you fail to operate the manual opening system to full opening at least twice a month.

15 Years Limited Warranty
The motor, mother board, transformer and remote control are warranted for five years from the date of completed installation, then 10% per year prorated until the 15th year. This warranty is subject to the wires being protected and the electric control being installed under a solid roof, in accordance with the relevant codes, and protected from water and other weather conditions. This warranty is further subject to you operating the motorised opening system to full opening at least twice a month.

These warranties apply only to manufacturing defects in the Solara system and are conditioned upon the system being properly installed by a SolaraNZ authorised dealer, following the Solara engineering package and your local building code requirements. These warranties are further subject to the system components and/or accessories not being repaired or altered without Solara’s authorization. These warranties start on the date installation is completed. The warranty is offered only to the original retail purchaser and is not transferable. Steel products are not warranted against rust. These warranties apply only for Solara standard colours, and to only residential or commercial installations. These warranties do not cover the installation, the qualification of the person installing the product, or any consequences of improper installation. The warranties do not cover damage due to normal weathering, fading, chalking, dirt from birds or other animals’ faeces, black streaking, water leaking, corrosion, chemical fumes, salt, fire, lightning, wind storms, hail, tornadoes, explosions, damage due to abnormal environmental conditions, vandalism, accidents, negligence, misuse, improper care, wilful misconduct or any act of nature beyond the control of Solara.


Transform your deck or patio into an entertainer’s paradise, a relaxing oasis or somewhere the kids can play whatever the weather, with a SolaraNZ patio cover.


Ideal for the likes of cafes, restaurants, schools and garden centres, a SolaraNZ louvre roofing system will help you maximise your commercial space 365 days of the year.