1Are there any limitations that I need to take into consideration when designing a patio cover?
No. A Solara patio cover can be designed in any shape, in any direction, such as parallel or perpendicular to the wall. If you can think it, we can do it.
2How can I clean and maintain my Solara patio cover?
A SolaraNZ louvre roof is very low maintenance. Because it’s made from aluminium it will not rust so you can simply rinse it with a water hose. For more stubborn dirt, hot soapy water will do the job.
3Why do I need a patio cover that opens and closes?
A patio cover that opens and closes gives you the power to control how much shade or sun enters your outdoor space and enables you to shut the space up at the first sign of rain. During the summer position the louvres in such a way that shades your outdoor space while allowing a breeze to flow through, then in winter open the louvres to let in warm winter sun.
4What colours are available?
We offer five standard colours: white, latte, cameo, adobe or silver. If none of these colours suit, we can also the louvres any shade you want at an additional charge.
5Are there limitations relating to the size of Solara's patio covers?
No. Solara’s exclusive patent and advanced manufacturing methods allow you to construct your patio cover in any size with no limitations.
6Are there standard sizes for patio covers?
No, Solara’s exclusive patent and advanced manufacturing methods allow you to construct the patio cover in any size with no limitations.
7Can Solara’s patio cover be constructed on an existing structure?
Yes, we can work with existing structures, whether they’re built from wood, metal or concrete.
8When it rains, will a Solara patio cover make a lot of noise?
Solara shutters are designed in such a way that raindrops slide rather than forcefully hit the patio cover. According to our tests, less noise is generated from rainfall on our aluminium shutters than on plastic.
9Can I build this myself?
We recommend that an approved Solara patio cover installer installs your louvre roof. However, savvy builders should have the knowledge to install it themselves. Please note, some warranties will not apply unless a professional Solara installer has carried out the work.
10Are your patio covers eco-friendly?
Solara patio covers are made out of the highest grade premium aluminium which can be recycled for other purposes. Solara also helps homeowners and business owners reduce their dependency on electricity by helping to heat or cool their home or office.
11What is windload?
‘Wind load’ is how fast the wind is in your area. Building codes will require you to design your louvred roof system for the fastest wind load that has ever occurred in your area. Every wind zone is different though, so talk to your SolaraNZ representative for more information.
12Does the Solara louvred roof system have a gutter?
The standard service does not come with a gutter, however if you would like to add one we can look after that for you at an additional charge.
13What’s the difference between Solara and SolaraNZ?
Solara is a louvre roofing product that is designed and constructed in the Phoenix, Arizona. SolaraNZ holds the exclusive rights to distribute the Solara product throughout New Zealand.
14Where in New Zealand do you service?
Currently we service Auckland, Northland, Tauranga and Hamilton, however if you live outside of these areas please call us to discuss your options.
15Does the Solara product come with a warranty?
We offer extensive warranties for the Solara product. Read about them all here.


Maximise your useable space year round with a Solara Louvre system. Ideal for restaurants, cafes and any business with an outdoor area.


Do you have a patio or deck that is too cold in winter and too hot in summer? A louvre system may be just what you are looking for.